Shefford Primary School

Chaddleworth St Andrews & Shefford Church of England

Federated Primary Schools

‘Every Child Matters, Every Second Counts’

Our schools’ ‘federation’ offers all that work and learn with us, the opportunity to be involved in an exciting journey that will engage, stimulate and challenge in wide-ranging learning opportunities.  Our children have access to a vibrant and inspiring curriculum, enriched with extended opportunities that include sport, music, visits and other recreational activities.  Our staff team provides not only the academic support for children but also the personal, social and emotional guidance that enables children to grow as individuals, with increasing confidence to meet the challenges ahead.

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Our federation has all our younger children up to Year 2 on our Chaddleworth Site and our older children Year 3 to Year 6 on our Shefford Site.   This means that learning is targeted to the age and ability of our children, thus securing better long term progress.  We offer both practical and enjoyable places to learn and work: a place where children achieve, have fun and have every opportunity to thrive.

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We are justly proud of our children and the way in which they behave and represent our schools in many ways throughout the school year.  We are also proud to be part of the communities in which we work.  We contribute to our communities as well as seeking their support in our daily commitment to serving our families.

Please check out our website via the link for more details.  Our doors are always open and we look forward to welcoming you to our schools in person.

For further information relating to both schools, please access

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