Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

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What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Every day thousands of people’s lives are affected by crime and anti-social behaviour within their own homes and communities.  Neighbourhood Watch works by encouraging people to develop closer links with neighbours, police, local authorities and other agencies to share information and address local issues.

NHW schemes vary in size from a large estate to a few houses in a road or a block of flats.  A scheme is generally led by a volunteer co-ordinator whose job is to get people working together in a neighbourly manner, to receive information from the Ringmaster messaging system and distribute the messages and to encourage scheme members to report anything suspicious.

NHW Schemes in Great Shefford

There are currently schemes running in the following roads:-

  • Cherry Orchard
  • Blakeney Fields
  • Shefford Woodlands
  • Millers Field
  • Hunters Meadow
  • The Mead
  • Spring Meadows and
  • Hawthorne Way

If anyone wishes to join one of these schemes they should contact the NHW Co-ordinator for West Berkshire, Debbie Morton on 01635 264718 or via e-mail at
How Do I Start a Scheme if There is Not One In My Road?

The first step is to contact the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator on the above phone number or e-mail address

They will send you a ‘Starter Pack’ of information including an application form that needs to be filled in and returned (and is then sent off for vetting) and copies of a letter to hand out to your neighbours to see if they are interested in joining your scheme.  Once your application has been approved you will be added onto the Ringmaster or Community Messaging database in order to receive messages about things happening in your area.  All new co-ordinators are then invited to attend a meeting where their role is explained and they are given basic crime reduction advice & crime reduction literature that they can hand out to their scheme members.

For anyone too busy to run a scheme you may apply to be added onto the database as a Community Member.  By doing so, you will be sent crime alerts and information on your area as an individual.  The contact details are as above.

There are also other schemes apart from NHW.  These include Country Watch (Farm and Horse Watch), Education Watch, Church Watch and Business Watch that people may join.

Numbers to call

The following numbers should be used to report a crime:-

  • Always dial 999 in an emergency
  • If you wish to remain anonymous then call CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111

If you require some Crime reduction literature then this can be obtained from the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.  Alternatively you can log onto the following website to view the crime reduction catalogue:-

A good site for children to learn about safety can be found at

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