Emergency Management Team

Great Shefford Parish Emergency Management Team

Chairman:  Steve Ackrill, Brookside, Wantage Road

Email: steve@ackrills.co.uk

phone: 07721 440200

Your Team Leaders are:-

Team Name Address Phone Mobile Email
Blue Linda Bowden Downside,Wantage Road 649864 07850 643952 linda.bowden883@btinternet.com
Red Piers Storey 1 The Mead

07765 241051

Green Brian Williams 2 Station Road 07833 446152 n/a
Orange Paul Farrant 36 Spring Meadows 07814 391108 pfarrant@btinternet.com
Purple  Jim Carter  1 The Mallards  649570  07899 986735 jcarter@webwayone.co.uk
Black Vacancy

The team was formed in 2009 as a sub-committee of the Parish Council, with guidance from West Berks Council, as a result of lessons learnt from the flooding in July 2007 and comprises volunteers from different parts of the parish who wish to provide a service in the case of an emergency that effects part or all of the parish/village and is led by a Chairman, Steve Ackrill.

It does not take the place of the emergency services, rather to provide support until they arrive.

The parish has been divided into 6 teams (purple, orange, red, green and blue for Great Shefford and black for Shefford Woodlands).  Each team has a team leader and team members drawn from that geographical area e.g. The Mead and Fettiplace, Wantage Road.  Information can be cascaded down. We have an Emergency Liaison Officer and also 2 people holding keys to operate the sluice gate by the Garage when necessary (and likewise to check that it is closed again).

The type of emergencies which the EMT may be involved in are severe weather conditions and being cut off because of heavy snow, flooding, and/or loss of power for a considerable time. The team drew up a plan which also takes into account information on who has offered use of 4x4s, lifting gear, etc!

It is also important to know who the vulnerable people are in our community are, so if you feel you are such a person or know of someone, get their permission and please inform the Chairman.

If you have moved here in the last year or so and have not yet received a form to complete, you will not be on our list.  This form asks a few personal details and if you would require help, if you, or someone in your household is vulnerable, or you have particular equipment or skills that would be useful (e.g. medical training),  please contact the Chairman so that a form can be passed to you, or your information or circumstances updated.

There are vacancies for team leaders and team members in Shefford Woodlands and Blakeney Fields.  It is important that these areas are covered.  If you could help us, then contact Steve Ackrill, parish councillor and Chairman of the team.

The role of Village Liaison Officer was created as the point of contact between the Council and the Village and vice versa.  This position is currently held by Steve Ackrill, who passes the information on from the authorities to residents by way of a cascade system through the Team Leaders and back to residents requiring help from the Council or other authorities.  There are other members of the community who form a part of the cascade system, please notify your team leader if you can help with this.




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