Great Shefford Parish Plan

Great Shefford Parish Plan


The Parish Plan was published in January 2007 following three years of preparation which involved the whole community.  The Implementation Team carried forward the actions which were identified in the document.  At the end of 2009 responsibility was handed over to the Parish Council  for the outstanding items, most of which are by nature ongoing, recurring, or long-term.

The aims of the project have been to:

  • state how we wish our community to develop over the coming decade
  • influence decisions on planning and community strategy
  • be a basis for action
  • identify our aspirations
  • take stock of Great Shefford Parish
  • enhance community involvement
  • develop a sense of direction
  • influence our own future

 Download by clicking great_shefford_parish_plan (PDF 5.5MB)

 Download the initial Action Plan by clicking great_shefford_actionplan_jan07 (PDF 222k)

With the assistance of many people within and outside the Parish much has been achieved as a result of the Parish Plan exercise.  Notable successes have been:

  • The Youth Club
    Following consultation with the young people in the Parish, a highly successful Youth Club has been established, and is running quite independently.
  • Football Facilities
    New goalposts and nets have been installed in the Recreation Ground and a line-marking machine was bought.
  • Junior Playground Equipment
    As a result of generous funding from West Berkshire Council, Great Shefford Parish Council and the Greenham Common Trust, an exciting new range of junior play equipment was installed in the Recreation Ground in time for the summer 2008 holidays.
  • Website Development
    Parish Plan funds have been used to commission the professional redesign of this website. This site will continue to evolve with the aim of encouraging greater community involvement.
  • Village Hall Improvements
    A communicating door has been installed between the Village Hall and the Social Club.
    A digital projector and screen have been bought for use in the Village Hall
  • Other Projects
    The Parish Council has raised the funds to replace the multiplay structure in the Recreation Ground.

Not all the Actions in the Plan have been completed, nor have all the aspirations been fulfilled and inevitably priorities change with the passage of time. A number of the projects which were important five years ago have been completed, some have been superseded by events and some remain to be completed. Other topics, particularly those relating to the environment and sustainability, did not feature particularly strongly in the current Plan but are likely to become more important in the future.

A revision of the Parish Plan will be desirable in due course, but in the meanwhile the Parish Council is working on the achievable outstanding items of the current Plan.

If there are Actions within the Plan which you think should be given priority now, or if you can help with a project, please contact the Parish Council Clerk .

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